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Martis Valley Vacation Rentals...

Martis Valley Vacation Rentals is a full service vacation company. We offer privately owned condo's and homes in the North Tahoe / Truckee areas of California. Our rental units are located at Northstar, Tahoe Donner, Truckee and Donner Lake. We offer studio condo's that sleep 2 up to 4 and 5 Bedroom Homes. Many of our rentals include the use of pool tables, saunas, hot tubs, swimming pools and the services of shuttle transportation through-out the resort area.




Summertime Fun...

Our vacation homes are located in the center of all summertime attractions, with many homes found just minutes from on Lake Tahoe to Truckee. Our homes in Northstar are right on the doorstep of an 18-hole golf course, 10 tennis courts, a fitness center, swimming pools and hot tubs, horseback riding, nature hikes, and much more to add to your pleasurable vacation. Our homes on Lake Tahoe are only steps from the beach.

Can't wait? Go ahead and book your home online now, or give us a call!  https://www.mvvr.com


Visit our Mobil website https://tempuri.org/tempuri.html

Make Martis Valley your next vacation


Winter Wonderland...

All of our vacation rentals are just minutes away from world class ski resorts such as; Northstar, Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, and Squaw Valley. Many of our units are located right at the Northstar ski resort. In addition to skiing there are also many other things for you and your family to enjoy such as swimming pools, hot tub, saunas, steam rooms, arcades, and many more! What could be better than getting away to the beautiful snow topped mountains for your winter vacation!

Check out our new homes at Northstar.  They are 1621 Deerpath and 1627 Deerpath, only 2 doors apart both 4 bedroom.  1621 has a new hot tub.  Check them out N-004 and M-002.







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