Squaw Valley to Tahoe City Bike Path

6 mile bike path that starts across from the entrance to Squaw Valley on Highway 89 and continues south to Tahoe City next to the Truckee River. It can be crowded on summer weekends with roller bladers, walkers, bikers, and families. At Tahoe City, the trail continues down the west shore of Lake Tahoe. Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway The Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway is a vision of following the Truckee River by foot or by bicycle from its source at forested Lake Tahoe to its desert terminus, Pyramid Lake. The route will descend over 2000 feet in 116 miles, using a combination of existing dirt and paved roads, plus some sections of new trail and bridges.

Tahoe Donner Climber`s Loop

Tahoe Donner Climber`s Loop The route is almost entirely on neighborhood roads through and around Tahoe Donner. Note 1: Be on the watch for cars leaving driveways, and dogs lying in the streets. Note 2: There are many spots on this ride where you can go 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. As per the law, note 1, and common sense, please obey the speed limits! Directions: From downtown, turn onto Bridge Street and proceed under I-80, and make a right. In about a hundred yards, turn right again onto the bike path. Follow this through the Pioneer Center industrial Park, and turn left onto Pioneer Trail. In 200 feet turn right onto the bike path again. Follow this trail until it crosses Alder Drive. Cross this road and remain on the bike path. The path will end near SR 89 N. Cross this road onto Prosser Dam Road. At the bike path "island crossing" turn left onto the path that heads down hill. (Not the one paralleling Prosser Dam Road) This trail will meander and eventually climb up to Rainbow Drive. Turn Right on Rainbow; you are now on route #6. Head downhill to the junction with East Alder Drive. Turn Left. You will still see route #6 signs on East Alder. Very Carefully cross SR 89 N onto Alder Creek Drive. (Still # 6) Climb up Adler Creek Drive until you see a right turn called Wolfgang Rd. Turn right here, and gear down. At the top of this climb, there will be a short descent down to Alder Creek Drive. Make a left on this road, and proceed to Skislope Way, your next right. Turn right here and begin climbing up Skislope Way. (Route #3 of the signed bike routes) Skislope is a 2-headed monster of a climb, so don`t use all of your energy on the first climb! On the descents between the climbs, and after the climb, be on the lookout for dogs, people, cars, and often in the shoulder seasons, ice. At the end of Skislope, turn right onto Northwoods Boulevard. Make a right again at the stoplight onto Northwoods Boulevard (not a typo). Again, watch your speed on this long, straight, and fast, downhill. Turn left onto Donner Pass Road, and continue to the Downtown. Distance: 20 miles

Fibreboard Freeway

A rarely used undulating paved road for practicing easy climbing on a bike. The trailhead is at Brockway Summit on 267. After 6 miles is a turnoff for Watson Lake. The paved road ends after 12 miles. The left hand fork at the end of the paved road gives a short but bumpy drop in to Tahoe City. Many single-track trails and fireroads intersect with the Fibreboard Freeway including the Tahoe Rim Trail. Northstar Downhill Mountain Biking Often known for the mountain`s extremely technical but fun downhill trails, Northstar has beautiful rolling single tracks as well. Northstar has excellent facilities, including a knowledgeable staff, good maps, pubs, restaurants, and a bike shop.

The Flume Trail

Directions to Trailhead: From Downtown Truckee, turn right onto Brockway Rd. At the junction with SR 267, turn right again, and stay on SR 267 for about 12 miles. At North Lake Blvd in Kings Beach, turn left. At the CA/NV border, North Lake Blvd becomes NV SR 28. Proceed on this road. Turn left into Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, and follow the signs to the trailhead. There is a hiking/bicycle shop located within the park equipped with gear rentals and expert advice. Description: As this trail can be linked with other trails for varying experiences, routes vary. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Arrange a pick-up shuttle with the Flume Trail Bike Shop at the bottom of Tunnel Creek Road. Proceed up North Canyon Road to Marlette Lake. The Flume Trail begins on the opposite side of the Lake, by the Dam. Take the Flume Trail to its terminus at Tunnel Creek Road. Descend Tunnel Creek Road, where your shuttle awaits. Note: Bicyclist, please descend with caution! Tunnel Creek Road is steep and sandy and high speed washouts leading to injury are common! 2. 23 mile loop: Proceed up North Canyon Road to Marlette Lake. The Flume Trail begins on the opposite side of the Lake, by the Dam. Take the Flume Trail to its terminus at Tunnel Creek Road. Turn right on Tunnel Creek Road, and right again on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Take The Tahoe Rim Trail to Marlette Lake, and return down North Canyon Road. 3. Do the above loop in reverse, with an out-and-back to Tahoe Meadows, on the Tahoe Rim Trail. This route adds about 12 miles to the overall distance, with a lot of climbing (and descending in return). Proceed across Tunnel Creek Road on the TRT to add this spur onto the loop. Note: Due to use conflicts, a not mandatory, but strongly advised guideline has been put in place: From Tahoe Meadows to Tunnel Creek Road, bicycles are discouraged from using the trail on odd numbered days. On even days, hikers that believe this guideline is law are often openly belligerent to bicyclists, so please do this ride on even-numbered days.

Martis Creek Bike Trails

Directions to Trailhead: From Downtown: Proceed east onto Brockway Rd from Donner Pass Road. At the junction with SR 267, turn right. After the airport, watch for "Wildlife viewing area” sign and turn right into the parking area. Start at the Tompkins Memorial Trail, halfway down the access road to the parking lot. This is a 3 mile loop around the valley, with numerous possibilities for add-ons as the Tompins Memorial Trail winds through Northstar. It is well-signed.
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